Herbal Bath Rituals are custom formulated bath soaks catered to your skins special needs. Not only does soaking in a hot bath help you to relax, stimulate healthy blood flow, detox and even improve your immunity but infusing your bath with tea's and flowers can help improve many skin conditions.


Salts, herbs and essential oils usually make up the ingredients that will provide healing properties during the ritual bath. The energies of medicinal and aromatic plants have great therapeutic benefits in both the physical and spiritual level, promoting a perfect, healthy balance.


Recommended use:


  • No more than 4 times a month
  • At least 1 time a month 
  • Let the tea steep for 10-15 minutes to allow the plant oils to be fully released
  • Soak in bath for at least 20 minutes


Bath Safety Warnings


These are some details that should be observed before taking any cleansing bath:


  • Always make sure that you are not allergic to the ingredients of your bath. If you are using essential oils, rub a drop of the oil on your skin and check for allergic reactions.
  • Baths usually do not interfere with medical treatments nor do they replace them. If you have severe symptoms or might have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor.
  • Use fresh ingredients for each bath. Do not reuse materials that you’ve already used in another bath.


All ingredients are organic, gluten free and 100% natural.

Herbal Bath Rituals

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